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What our clients have to say.....

Jen, has been my motivation to get stronger and improve my over all health. She is always so positive and patient. The workouts started out as a way to get in shape for a bucket list trip with a few friends. Almost two years later we continue our journey to Balanced Fitness. Love you Jen. 

Christine C

Group Core & Strength Training Fitness Classes

Jen is such a great motivator and so committed to her clients. Always checking in and interested in people’s needs and restrictions and accommodates them. Simply the best. 

Giselle H

Group Core & Strength Training Fitness Classes

I spent many, many years running. Training for this race or that race, I thought I was in pretty decent shape. Then, Almost 2 years ago I started taking Jen's classes and I have to say I am in way better shape now than I was then. Balanced Fitness is truly the perfect name for her business, strength, flexibility, cardio, agility, inspirational, supportive, I could go on and on. She truly is the full package! Love you Jen, thank you!

Farrah B

Group Core & Strength Training Fitness Classes

I met Jennifer about 3 years ago when a friend told me about her workout classes and I decided to give it a try. Her training skills are fantastic, focus on form, build the core first. Jennifer has taught me to find and strengthen my core, proper form, and the types of movements/exercise needed to accommodate me when my lower back says ‘No, you can’t do that!” She is a positive person who knows how to encourage and motivate me. I actually have developed an appreciation for a good workout. I especially love working out outside with her and her willingness to find us a home during the winter so we can continue to stay active is inspiring.

Lori J

Group Core & Strength Training Fitness Classes

I’ve been attending Jen’s classes from the beginning. I love that every class is different as far as moves, but every class is the same as far as a sweat fest!!  I like that she is so positive and encourages people throughout the workout. I like that she has accommodated people that can’t make the classes at certain times and provides virtual classes so we can stay on top of the workouts. I will continue to go to her classes for as long as she provides them!

Karen C

Group Core & Strength Training Fitness Classes

Jen is an amazing instructor who always motivates us to push ourselves and become the strongest we can be! Her commitment and guidance has made me love working out again! She is always positive and smiling and our workouts always leave me feeling great! 👍❤

Renee D

Group Core & Strength Training Fitness Classes

Jen is a fantastic trainer and motivator! Been working with her for almost two years now and I hate exercising! She is always positive and we always have great laughs during class!  Jen is fantastic about catering to everyone's individual needs and level of fitness by providing alternative exercises if you need them. I highly recommend Jen's classes and love the new studio!

Michelle W

Group Core & Strength Training Fitness Classes

I’ve been training with Jen over the past five years. I can’t say enough great things about this woman. She is dedicated, passionate and truly loves health and fitness. She is committed to making her clients change not only their bodies but also their attitude towards exercise by encouraging overall well-being of mind, body and soul. She customized workouts based on my goals and fitness level which I found really made the difference in my fitness journey and always changed up the routines so it was a completely new workout each time. She is inspiring both as a trainer and overall human being. Her kind and understanding nature makes you feel comfortable and her encouragement pushes you to do better than you did the day before. Forever grateful to her for all she’s done for me.  

Najah S

Personal Core & Strength Training Fitness Classes

Jenn is an amazing trainer! She targets every exercise to meet your personal needs while ensuring your form is on point. Most importantly, she knows how to motivate and push you so you see and feel improvement! Jenn is passionate about her work and that translates to amazing workouts every time. Truly the best trainer I have ever had! 

Amal A

Personal Core & Strength Training Fitness Classes

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